Some self-pampering for ya!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Happy midweek to everyone! Hope it hasn't been a tiring start of the week for you! 

Lighten your mood by calling up Apple Skin Care at 6464 6868 to book yourself a complimentary facial for this weekend for some self-pampering! Its worth $320 and all you gotta do is mention that you saw this on "Fidelis's Blog".

The fiance went for his treatment yesterday and he enjoyed it so much! Especially because he's been traveling to cold countries for work very often lately, so his skin is so dry it's always peeling (eeew) and he really like how hydrated his skin felt at the end of the customized facial treatment. 

Heard that nadnut & hubby Skai went over the weekend too and they enjoyed the pampering. That's the life man, relaxing and pampering yourself in the weekends. (:

Btw, previously Apple Skin Care was giving out a free eye mask for the first 30 who booked their complimentary customized facial treatment, it was so popular that it's been fully redeemed!
They are extending the promo and giving out this skincare travel kit with their 
Cleansing Gel, Toner & Sunblock! 
30 kits available only so quick, make your appointment at Apple Skin Care at 6464 6868 
[Remember to quote that you saw this from Fidelis's blog to enjoy the free treatment!]

 If you missed it, read my review on Apple Skin Care here:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick. 

"Lo Hei" to good fortune at Azur Buffet!

Azur Buffet CNY banner

A couple months ago, nadnut & her hubby Skai along with Leon & myself we were invited to Azur Buffet for a food tasting and we had a feast!

So I was really excited when Carrie from Crown Plaza Hotel invited us to check out their latest Chinese New Year specials for Azur Buffet!

Azur Buffet CNY6

Azur Buffet CNY14 (2)

Outfit of the day from
Pssst. Join their mailing list to receive 10% off your purchases!

Azur Buffet CNY13

Azur Buffet CNY14

Azur Buffet CNY3

Was told that the other bloggers would be a little late so i started my "1st round" at the buffet line! Hahahah first thing rush to the fresh seafood corner! So so so fresh i had like 10 of 'em. If i wasn't sooooo full by the end of the food tasting i would've had more!

Craving for oysters FOR.EVER. Yes really. The BKK Chinatown oyster image keeps popping into my mind. I would FLY to bkk for that chinatown bkk style amazingly fresh oysters.

Azur Buffet CNY4

Three Treasures Yu Sheng ($68+)
A fusion of Japanese and Chinese flavours featuring ingredients from the orient.

IS THIS MAD COOL OR WHAT! So impressed, I'm sure you can tell it's a snake right? Cos we're welcoming the "Snake" year! Hahahaha i kept laughing non-stop at the "nostrils & tongue" damn adorable can!

Azur Buffet CNY5

Featuring Hokkigai Surf Clams, Ginseng and Yuzu Dressing and trio of
golden radishes and carrots tossed with Japanese picked radish, picked
cucumber, wakame seaweed, tamago, Chinese pickled mango, pickled
papaya, crunchy black fungus and delicious Bak Kwa Strips served with
crispy wanton skin.

Azur Buffet CNY7

Hohoho. got to throw the abalone into the Yu Sheng.

Additional Toppings
Sliced Abalone - $48.00+
Fresh Hokkigai Surf Clam - $38.00+
Meikajiki Toro (Swordfish Belly) - $28.00+
Fresh Norwegian Salmon - $18.00+
Yuzu Ginseng Dressing - $8.00+

Azur Buffet CNY9

The chef said that this is at least 5kg of yu sheng, SAY WHAT?! NO WONDER SO HEAVYYY!

Azur Buffet CNY10

I loooooove that their Yu sheng is soooo fresh! I've eaten my fair share of yu sheng (obviously! at least 4-5 times every Chinese New Year since i was a young girl!) and the yu sheng is SO FRESH! I've eaten some really dry and eeky ones and this is nothing like that. 

FYI if you walk in and want to buy one of these Yu Sheng, you gotta WAIT. Because the chef really prepare the finely shredded ingredients on-the-spot to ensure 100% fresh experience! So call in to make reservation if you want to take-away for your CNY parties at home! 

Also I love that they included japanese pickled radish, picked cucumber, wakame seaweed and Bak Hwa strips, so delicious and really full of surprises unlike the usual boring yu sheng. :D

Azur Buffet CNY8

This super yummy Dragonfruit drink is named Rule 240 aka Bye-Bye-Dragon

Yeah you can go to Azur and say, hey i want a Bye-Bye-Dragon. GIMME A BYEBYEDRAGON! Haahhaha so adorbs. Has a meaning ok. 
= Gone with the Dragon year [thus Bye-Bye-Dragon] and urshering in the Snake year!

Azur Buffet CNY

Treasures of the Ocean Seafood Soup
with Fish Maw, Dried Scallops and Crabmeat

Lucky me to be seated beside Esther cos apparently she doesn't like eating looooots of stuff so all the goodie comes to me muahaha! Esther doesn't like fish maw too so she passed me hers, More Maw for me! 

Main Course
Wok Fried Sea Prawns with Mixed Berries Infused with Margarine and Milk

Oh this is so delicious! I think I would eat many many of these if i didn't have so many other items to taste after this! SWEET X SAVORY. Perfect for sweet addicts like myself.

Azur Buffet CNY2
Main Course

Confit Salmon accompanied with Darjeeling Beurre Blanc

Braised Sea Cucumber, Baby Abalone with Superior “Conpoy” Gravy

Fragrant Glutinous Rice with Pork Belly and Pork Lard

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner (9 February 2013)
Adult: $88.00++
Child: $44.00++

Chinese New Year Day 1 & 2 Brunch (10–11 February 2013)
Adult: $58.00++
Child: $29.00++

Chinese New Year Day 1 & 2 Dinner (10–11 February 2013)
Adult: $78.00++
Child: $39.00++

Chinese New Year Weekday Lunch (12–15, 18 –22 February 2013)
Adult: $48.00++
Child: $24.00++

Chinese New Year Weekday Dinner (12 –15, 18 – 24February 2013)
Adult: $58.00++
Child: $29.00++
Call 6823 5354 or email them to make your reservations / order your Yu Sheng!

Azur Buffet CNY12

It was Jacelyn's birthday so they were super nice to prepare their famous Durian Cake! It is SO GOOD! Can't stop raving about it, my mummy's birthday is coming and i've already ordered one of these to celebrate her birthday! Yums can't wait heh.

Azur Buffet CNY11

Came with the girlies, Esther, nadnut, myself & Jacelyn!

Azur Buffet CNY16

After the dinner we went for 2nd round and 3rd round! LOL! Was chit chatting with nadnut, Jacelyn & Carrie at bar '75, had some cocktails and moved the "party" to coffee bean and we talked till 5:30am! Hahahah after sending the girls home i was like half asleep while driving home already, but it was soooo much fun!

Azur Buffet CNY15

So if you're thinking of getting a good "Lo Hei" Yu Sheng to toss to good fortune in 2013 they are available for takeaways from January 31, 2013 to February 24, 2013 from Crown Plaza Changi Airport Lobby Lounge. Each comes prepared and packed in an elegant takeaway box.

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sponsored ADV: Shop at Jipaban for this Chinese New Year!

Monday, January 28, 2013


Hello you! Have you shopped for your Chines New Year clothes yet? I got a bunch of clothes from !

As usual I cannot ever leave any new clothes unworn before CNY, like every year its the same old thing, history repeating itself! Hahahha I'm damn horrid, anyway girls are always girls, I can always just shop for more new clothes for CNY on JIPABAN just because it's so convenient!

Love it that they have so many brands for the ladies and of course, men too, these days I'm so busy with work, so i really have no extra time to really head out to the malls to shop, also I'm obviously very lazy to search and plow through all 1237864723 blogshops after a long day at work to find pretty clothes so JIPABAN is really very convenient for me in everyway! *Thumbs up*

I can easily find a new blazer that i'm lemming for but i've no time to head out to the mall to buy, new pair of oxfords? Sure! Click click! BUY!

And well I did mention "Play dress up with me with Jipaban", I was dressed in my new Jipaban loots from Saturday all the way to Tuesday! Hahaha


On Saturday, I wore this adooooorable top from Jipaban - Smitten, love the pearl details and the dainty gold collar button! Matched it with my ASOS red plaits midi skirt with a brown leather ribbon belt.

On Sunday, after church the fiancé brought me out for brunch at Tiong Bahru Bakery!

Hahahah I can't believe we spent $60 on pastries & bread!!! But I've finally got to taste what is all the hype about this place. Yums, let's just say... I've Sinned. Will blog about that in a separate post cos there's soo much foodie pics that will make you drool all over your lap.


And yes i was lovingly clothed by Jipaban, Smitten while i was scarfing down all that delicious pastries down my throat, Hahaha 

Wore the Belle Bustier Keyhole Dress braless today and it pretty much fits like a dream! Wore it braless and still felt very very comfy. 

outfit 2

Peeka-boo! Did you spot the keyhole cut in the front? Hahaha and the sexy strappy clasp back. 
This adorable dress is also available in 5 colours: Cobalt Blue, Red, Black, Sea Green & Polka Dot!

On Monday, I wore the Croix Brocade Peplum Top in Champagne from Dress Down Friday from Jipaban paired with my metallic coated pants + Black Suede Booties with chunky heels from Taiwan + Teal X Gold fringe necklace + Ring is also from Jipaban's Accesori

[Accesori has tonns of awesome accessories at super affordable prices! Got a bunch of their accesories and i've instagramed some of them that I've worn already]

Believe it or not, this is my first Peplum Top! Hahahah why oh why have I have pass up on these earlier?! They are oh-so-flattering and looks good with any accesories to glam it up!

outfit 4

Lastly, on Tuesday I wore this BLACK X GOLD with a long sea-green maxi skirt for the day, and at night I was out to meet my gf Gwennie for dinner, changed into a grey textured mini skirt with oxford heels and tied up my hair and i was good to go!

So hurry hop over to to shop! With the wideeeeee selection of clothes, accessories, shoes, there will be no stress, no sweat from squeeezing with crazy amount of people in the mall while searching for your perfect CNY outfits.

If you're on instagram/twitter, Tag #DressUpWithJipaban when you're dressed in Jipaban apparels like me so i can check out your awesome outfit too! :D


♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Ettusais: Rose Cheek Color & Swati Lip Essence Stick!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello you! Last week was as nadnut would call it, happy parcel week! Lots of sponsored products for review sent to my very doorstep. One of them includes two of the latest Ettusais goodies!

ettusais 1
Limited Edition Ettusais' Rose Cheek Color in Pink, $33.00

Isn't it the most beautiul thing EVER! Omg I want this blusher in Apricot too! 
I still have 6 of the normal Ettusais Cheek Color sitting in my pretty cosmetics drawer from my Ettusais Ambassador days waiting for me to use them by the way. :/

Hahahah well I'm not complaining but which girl would complain about have too much makeup anyway, especially when it looks so kawaii like that. Irresistable.

The Ettusais' Rose Cheek Color comes with two gradation colors to give a perfect blend and pretty glow to our cheeks? It also has a highlight shade around the rims to create that radiance glow look, love that the glitter are very fine and it will not make you look like a disco ball haha

Specially designed puff is frictionless so it is gentle even on girl's with sensitive skin like me, perfect! (:
Simply detach puff on the bottom of the blusher, swirl around the blusher and pat on gently to get your perfect cheeky glow!

ettusais 2
ETTUSAIS X SWATi Lip Essence $31.00, Lip Essence Stick $26.00
Debuts in February

I've always like the Lip Essense in the original glossy squeezy tube type cos a little of it gives your pouts a shiny glossy look, looks kissable whie locking in moisture with hyper gloss oil and glycerin! Love using this at night and waking up with a plump, line-free pout! 
 Seriously- if you have super dry lips that are always peeling you have to try this.

This is my first time trying out the stick type Lip Essence and i really like it! Great to use it in the day under my lipstick to hydrate and protect my lips, it also has SPF 18PA++ for both squeezy tube type and stick type so I always use this under my lipstick or liptint. 

I'll definitely pack one of these for my beach vacation, must always use a lipbalm with SPF to protect your lips from getting burned esp if you're gonna lounge under the hot sun all day to work on that tan baby!

I love that Ettusais always has these really adorable limited edition collaboration products!
The last time there were Ettusais lip essence with Little Twin Stars, really adorbs that i had to get some of my kawaii friends as lil' gifts.

This time they are collaborating with SWATi, a popular aromatic candle bramd which originated from Japan! The hand drawn illustrations are of us girls favorite things, like macaroon, blings, heels and high tea! Really can't stop ahhh-ing and ohhh-ing over how kawaii it is. (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sponsored ADV: My Hearty goes to... YOU! Declare Your Love and WIN!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Do you know that sloggi is one of the world's favorite body wear brands and the best selling brand brief in the world. Launched globally in 1979 and in Asia in 1981, today the brand includes intimate apparel for woman.

Previously I mentioned one of my favorite lingerie brand since i was a teen is Sloggi as I blogged about the Sloggi Campus collection, and now they have really outdone themselves and launched something even more cheeky and adorable!

Because Valentine's Day is coming, they have launched latest collection of bra and panties called the  
My Hearty Collection:

sloggi LOVE STORY main visual

And to ensure maximum comfort thanks to its soft touch. Made with organic cotton that's simply gentle on our planet and on our skin, the My Hearty bra is soooo comfortable you can wear it all day everyday! Also the padding included can be removable so if you're already well endowed you can easily remove the padding and it fits like a dream! (:

The panties are also lined with contrasting lace trimmings for a subtle touch of playfulness. 
Price range for bras starts from $64.90 and panties starts from only $19.90!

My Hearty panty collection comes in five of the sweetest colours, each accompanied with an oh so cute love motif that are definite to melt your heart! 

Staying true to sloggi's value of offering comfortable and uncomplicated underwear, there panties are made of microfibre fabric that wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. It is also very elastic, giving you freedom in your movement!  


Exclusive In-store Promotion for my Readers!
From now till 20 February, 
you will receive a free panty that is worth $19.90 if your purchase a Sloggi regular priced bra set only if you quote "Sloggi Blogger Fidelis" when you're making the purchase!

Also if you Buy 5 pair of Sloggi panties- Get 2, absolutely Free!
Buy 3 pairs and Get 1 sloggi panties for Free. (:


Also since Valentine's day is nearing, you're reminded of love not only for your Boyfriend/Hubby but also for your parents, BFF or even your pet doggie or kitty? Why not declare it!!

 [To win $450 worth of dining vouchers from Goodwood Park Hotel.]

Simply head over to Sloggi Singapore fb page:

And tell Sloggi your love story, declare your love!

"Declare Your Love" contest end on 6 February, so quick! 
And don't forget to drop by Sloggi Counters to check out the adorable and absolutely cheeky, My Hearty Collection lingerie, hope you love the comfort Sloggi brings to me as much as I do! (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Taiwan Winter 2013: Taichung Fengjia Night Market 台中 [逢甲夜市。] 猫猫日记 v2。

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello you! I know previously my travelogues have always been done day by day, but this time round for my ❄ Taiwan Winter 2013 Travelogues, I'm going be posting my itinerary to share with everyone + individual posts for places I travelled to! Heh I'm so excited to start sharing about my trip to taiwan!


We were at Taichung's Fengjia Night Market and there were doggie outfits selling everywhere! Wanted to get something for Leon's Ninja kitty so we went to check it out!


Was just casually browsing and I was pretty set on the rilakkuma furry hoodie (obvious choice for me right!) and I was scanning thru the other designs and seeing if i wanna get another one when i spotted something that really really.. REALLY gave me a shock.

Did you spot anything odd about the picture?

♡ ♡
♡ ♡ ♡
♡ ♡
♡ ♡ ♡
♡ ♡
♡ ♡ ♡
♡ ♡
♡ ♡ ♡
♡ ♡
♡ ♡ ♡
♡ ♡



Hahahaha seriously it gave me a shock! Because I was just standing right infront, then I thought to myself wtf why they selling this dog head?! Why look so damn real?! The dog was covered and stuffed beside a bunch of soft doggie toys and there were doggie clothes covering his body like blankets so really only got that immobile head peeking out! 

It looked to me like it was their beloved dead dog then they went to stuff it and preserve the head! 

HHAHAHAAH okay i dunno why I have such weird thoughts then but i stood there choosing for quite awhile before i spot it and it really was not moving at all not even 1cm!! Hahahah then later it moved a wee bit and i finally started to breath again.

hahahah dang epic shit.

Rilakkuma kitty ninaj (7)

 Oh! Hello, guess who's furry bum bum is this?

Rilakkuma kitty ninaj (4)

Rilakkuma kitty ninaj (2)

Hahaha this photo looks SO WRONG! Cat molester cat molester!!!! 

Run Ninja RUN! OMG you lost your only chance of escape, kena pinned down by the Cat Molester!

Rilakkuma kitty ninaj

His expression went from super innocent in the 1st picture to 
2nd picture: "OH SNAP! These bitches are gonna make me look like a idiot" 
3rd picture: "Sigh, Better to just wave the white flag and let these annoying humans do whatever they want. Dang this is so not my day!"


HAHAHAHAAH it's SO FUNNY! A couple months back leon's brother went to buy these shit tiny pet paw socks and put it on for ninja and the moment leon's brother released ninja and he landed on the ground... he shook those little suckers off within 2 seconds, no kidding i literally did not even have time to even snap my camera hahahahhah

So we were expecting Ninja to "put up a fight" before we finally get him to wear this!!!

Rilakkuma kitty ninaj (3)
Hahahah Grouchy ninja is grouchy! Look at that funny little fang peeking out!

He must be thinking "Rah, so you think i'm so funny and adorable you can't stop laughing at me eh? I'll show you what a scary kitty i am! Roars."

Ninja baby! #cutedieme wanted to get afew more outfits for him but the smelly fiance kept nagging and don't allow me to buy more!! Regretting it now cos he looks soooo adorable!

Rilakkuma kitty ninaj (5)

Mad cute right! Lol he give us face only. Cos we were so amused and laughing at him and snapping photos of him nonstop but the next morning I found him wriggling out of his outfit hahaha


Magic photobombing Rilakkuma Ninja who is looking super buay song! Hahahah we were all laughing damn loudly and snapping non stop and magic was getting super excited too lol.
Scared magic jelly of Rilakkuma Ninja's awesome new outfit so we wanted to put this kawaii collar we bought from taiwan for kitty too lol we're not biased that's why we buy everything for ninja only! Cos magic really really don't like dressing up one hahaha he's an actor dog, damn drama only. Like we tried to put this kawaii collar on him then he act like his choking when we haven't even clip it on please. Lol act one only. Tsk
Woots, will blog more on my ❄ Taiwan Winter 2013 Travelogues soooon! :D

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

N.E.mation! - Vote to win IPADS / XBOX / CAMERAS and other attractive prizes!

Monday, January 21, 2013

ne7logo_webRunning for the seventh year, N.E.mation! is a digital animation competition organized by Nexus for youths to creatively express their thoughts on Total Defence.

It's been quite a journey, 10 teams of students worked through the December holidays to bring their
stories to life!

Here's a peek at just one small process of the N.E.mation! animation clip filming, my hats of to the Top 10 teams really. I would never never have the patience to do all that work!


N.E.mation! 7 clips are now ready for you to view & vote! Based on the theme, “Together We Overcome”.
Simply visit on your PC or mobile devices and watch all 10 clips. 
Select the checkboxes of your 3 favorite clips
Fills in your particulars, Click "submit your vote" and viola!


I've already voted for my chance to win these prizes! Hehe, I was a CHIJ girl so of course i had to vote for C02, the CHIJ team!

4 ways to vote

Psssst. Don't say I didn't share this information with you ok. 

Since there's 4 methods to vote, vote all 4 ways on your PC + Facebook + Mobile + SMS to get 4 chances to win! To increase your chances of winning, get your whole family and your friends to vote too! :P
and also,

Hurry! Voting ends 7 February 2013.


♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.